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Is anyone still out there? I know I’ve been terribly neglectful of this blog and my fellow bloggers for quite a while now and I sincerely apologize. What you may not know is that I am currently 5 months pregnant with my first baby (a boy)! I am also getting married in less than 3 weeks down in Costa Rica and still have a full time job. So needless to say, I’ve been a little busy and distracted.

Another reason for walking out on it is I started to wonder where this blog was going and felt that I was a little too all over the place to carry on as is. The problem is I have so many different interests and life goals and I think I was just mashing them all up here. It started to get confusing to me so I can imagine how confusing I must have come off to you, my readers! To sum up what I started doing with this blog, check out this highly personal post by Corbett Barr: The Grand Internet Business Idea that Didn’t Succeed and you’ll get an idea of where I was going….nowhere.

In any case, I’ve still been thinking about what’s next for me as I know that staying in my job for an undetermined amount of years is NOT any option for me. Just when I was starting to get overwhelmed and flustered again, I got this email newsletter the other day from Corbett Barr’s (man I love that guy!) Think Traffic website about the Million Dollar Blog Project. I won’t reiterate the challenge, you can just read about it there. If you haven’t heard of this amazing project, you should seriously consider joining in, it’s just getting started!

And I thought….well this is just the kind of challenge I need: A community of people all doing something big together! Here are the rules:

  1. a topic that will be fun to blog about. (doing something fun makes it so much easier to succeed).
  2. a topic that represents a burning desire or pressing problem. The easiest way to build a business online is to solve a problem or fulfill a desire. The stronger the desire or more pressing the problem, the better.
  3. a topic that I already have some knowledge of and interest in, or that I can become knowledgeable in relatively quickly.
  4. evidence that money can be made around this topic. We want to know that opportunity exists within this market before we jump in.

I’ve decided to use this blog as a space to journal my progress to keep me accountable and so here I am. So without further ado, here are some ideas I have been kicking around for some time now and want to pick one for this million dollar blog project, but I am so open to whatever. If you have any ideas for blog topics that you would love to know more about, I am all ears.

  • I have a love for graphic design, interior design and web design and while I am much better at the latter, I would love to just blog about pretty graphic-type stuff and color combinations I come across. I’d love to tie it in with babies somehow, like nursery design, matching shower invitations and birth announcements and baby/pregnancy websites. I also am currently designing a custom week by week maternity book for my baby and thought I could offer ideas or services surrounding that as well? Maybe use my blog to convince mommy bloggers why they should switch to WP and offer them services on how to do that.
  • Zero Waste Living blog. A site that chronicles ways to attain a zero-waste lifestyle in all aspects of life: raising children, travel, parties, weddings, shopping/dining out, pets, home, etc.
  • Eco-tourism (and what it really means to be an eco-tourist). Especially since everyone claims being eco nowadays! What does eco actually mean and how to identify whether a company isn’t as eco as they say they are. Eco-tourism is exploding but how do WE become eco-tourists, making as small a footprint as possible when we travel?

This last one I am particularly interested in as my fiance and I are also in the midst of planning an eco-friendly bungalow community in Costa Rica. I think that if I could tie my blog into that business, all the better!

So what do you think? Do any of these ideas seem viable or interesting to you? I would love to know your thoughts.

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14 Responses

  1. Patrick on 06 Sep 2011

    Hello Marianney,

    It great to see you again. Welcome back.

    Overall, given the ideas you shared regarding your project idea, I’d go with the nursery design/shower invitations, etc.

    As you know, expectant mommies are very enthusiastic (hopefully) about their pregnancies and their babies. It’s also a lot to think about and could be a little overwhelming. A website from a compassionate, empathic, helpful perspective would be brilliant.

    There is a good market for such things, the ideas are nearly endless and the keywords would be easy to utilize for either active or passive SEO.

    There would also be a lot of room for monetization (printables, e-books, e-designs for headers, icons, logos and such) and you’d be able to offer these things with a clear conscience.

    Your current situation would make it a very personal journey and it will be about subject matters that are particular to your interests. Your readers would feel that and it would encourage sharing of stories.

    Regardless, thanks for sharing the post. I’ll look into the million dollar blog challenge and look forward to more posts. I wish you the best in everything.

    • marianney on 07 Sep 2011

      Patrick, thank you so much for your perspective and for stopping by! 🙂 I was thinking about it last night and I think I would feel more fulfillment and personal relation to the nursery/baby/design topic as well.

  2. Jenny @ Ex-Consumer on 07 Sep 2011

    Hi Marianne!

    I’m with Patrick. I think the nursery/baby/design idea would be a good match for your current interests.

    And I agree that monetization would be a natural extension of that type of site.

    Oh, and congratulations on finding out you’re having a baby boy! I have two, so I can tell you from experience that little boys are amazing. 🙂

    I was so excited to see a post from you show up in my inbox today!

    • marianney on 07 Sep 2011

      Aw thanks Jenny! Yes, we’re very excited, just have to come up with a name now 😉

      Thanks for the opinion too! I am excited to get started.

  3. Kalyan on 08 Sep 2011

    Great Post Marianney!!

    Eco project is an interesting one, Good luck with the $1MDB.

    It is really becoming interesting to read different blogs heading same direction.

    • marianney on 14 Sep 2011

      Thanks Kaylan! I am getting excited about starting again 🙂 I have missed blogging. Thanks for your opinion!

  4. Amy @ Nomadtopia on 09 Sep 2011

    Yay, you’re back! I like both the nursery idea and the ecotourism idea. Maybe focus on the baby one for now and come back to the eco stuff down the line? I think both have potential.

    • marianney on 14 Sep 2011

      Hi Amy! Sorry I didn’t get to hit you up in NJ 🙁 THings got too out of hand! Thanks for your comment, it definitely helps to know what people are thinking!

  5. Eden on 11 Sep 2011

    Hi Marianney, can’t find out how to contact you and don’t know your last name so can’t on FB either. Anyway, I’m part of the Million Dollar Blog Project, was wondering if you wanted to be an accountability partner?

    • marianney on 14 Sep 2011

      Hi Eden, I just left a comment on your site!

  6. Drew Meyers on 14 Sep 2011

    Eco tourism is a topic I find fascinating..basically, anything to do with sustainability, travel, social good, etc is a win with me.

    • marianney on 16 Sep 2011

      Thanks for your input Drew! I have done an analysis and come up with my topic of choice. See my next post! 😉

  7. Stephanie on 14 Sep 2011

    Congrats on the baby! 🙂

    I think a diy nursery blog would be awesome. 🙂 And it’d be fun for you to make progress on both (assuming you’re still in the nursery planning phase).

    • marianney on 16 Sep 2011

      Thanks Stephanie! I AM still in the planning phase. I have had a hard time with the nursery design thing since there are already so many blogs doing this and I wasn’t sure how to differentiate. But I think I found a happy medium 🙂