I’ve decided to ditch the weekly Taking Action posts and replace them with a Weekly Wrap-Up in the following format:

  • The best articles I’ve found on the web and in the community the past week (this was inspired by Jenny at EXconsumer and Tammy at Rowdy Kittens)
  • Some realizations or ideas I’ve had over the past week and other random musings
  • Things I am working on currently, and of course:
  • The things I’ve accomplished
  • Special Announcements

I figure this might be a tad bit more interesting for you and will also give me the chance to give props where they are due.

Flower by Jonathan Gill, on Flickr

Best of the Community/Best of the Web

The Ultimate Business Plan Workbook for Bloggers (Free Download) at ThinkTraffic.
Everything Corbett Barr writes is awesome and extremely useful if you are planning to create a business out of your blog or affiliate site. And he’s so genuine too. Even though he’s an A-lister, he responds to almost every comment. As for this workbook, it came at the right time and I’ll be going through it this weekend.

Purge the Excess Crap That Holds You Back! At You vs Debt.
Adam Baker’s video about consumerism says it all. Must see.

When Physical & Digital Worlds Collide at EXconsumer.
This post is so true and Jenny is so funny in her examples!

Finding Greatness – Free e-book at Listen Feel Breathe.
I just started reading David’s blog and I really like what I see. He just wrote his first e-book and it’s really great. Best part? It’s free! So head on over and get yours!

Why I Write LESS at Minimalism Defined.
With all the digital clutter in our lives today, it’s tough to keep up with a lot of blogs. Here’s Jenny’s argument for writing less.

Ambient Minimalism (For Readers) at Untitled Minimalism.
This was exactly the post I needed this week. Before reading this, I subscribed via email to all my blogs and it was starting to become a cluster in my inbox! I finally took the leap and started using Google Reader this week to organize my reading. Awesome.

Fear, Exposed – Featuring Tricia Karp at The Middle Finger Project.
First of all, I love Ash and her sassy attitude style of writing. Second, her guest posts have been amazing, especially this last one. Tricia’s story is so inspiring and so what I needed to read this week!

Why Chasing Happiness is Futile at So Much More Life
Ok, this is shameless self-promotion, but I have another guest post at Gip’s site. Go check it out! I promise it’s not as much a downer as the title suggests 😉

My Ideas, Dreams, Goals, Realizations, Whatever

I think the biggest lesson I learned this week was to “resign as general manager of the universe.” This goes back to my control issues and anger management, both of which I’m very bad at. Why shouldn’t I be mad at that person that cut me off to drive slower than me? Why shouldn’t I be annoyed that the person I held the door open for did not say Thank you? I have to mad because I am the general manager of the universe. I have to hold everyone accountable. Everyone but myself that is….sigh. I don’t know why, but this one line really resonated with me.

What I’m Currently Working On

Taking Corbett Barr’s Affiliate Beginner’s Course. I have been stuck as to what to do with our site CityVids.tv and I am thinking that I can somehow turn this Denver video and written guide into an affiliate site of some sort. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out the ideas.

Getting caught up with the A-list Bloggers Club latest bootcamp. Week four ended last week and I’m just beginning Week 3. Oops! But I’ll be re-writing my About Page soon based on what I learn in Week 3.

Working on guest posts for And Then She Saved and Untitled Minimalism this month.

I think I’m going to finally start de-cluttering my house this weekend thanks to the most amazing e-book: 30-Day Clutter Bootcamp by Tanja Hoagland at Minimalist Packrat.

Remember that website that some friends and I are working on? I wasn’t happy with the original design I presented so I did a lot of design research this week and I think I am liking what I’ve come up with. Can’t wait to show it off!

What I Have Accomplished This Week

  • Finished my guest post for Jo at Simply Being Mum. Watch for it this Sunday!
  • Posted my second Starfisher interview by Jenny at EXconsumer.
  • Have my third Starfisher lined up to be interviewed on Sunday. Watch for my first video post on Monday!
  • Have found Starfisher #4 – phew!
  • Booked the trip for our wedding in Costa Rica in November for two weeks! We’ll also be taking a look at some property while we’re down there!

Special Announcements

I was going to make a special announcement about a contest this week, but I am not sure I have it all thought out to present it that soon, so stay tuned for a special contest (in a week or two) where the best suggestion will win one of several wonderful e-books! I’ll give you a hint: I need some help with narrowing my focus.

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11 Responses

  1. Jenny @ exconsumer on 08 Apr 2011

    Wow Marianne! You’ve got a lot going on. Thanks for mentioning my post. And thank you so much for profiling me for your Starfisher series. It was lots of fun! 🙂

    I love the weekly wrap up (obviously). It’s a great way to figure out what’s going on in your own head, and to let others know what’s happening.

    And hurray for the Costa Rica progress! You’re totally doing it, huh? 😉

    P.S. I have a guest post running at And Then She Saved at the end of May! Anna has such a great and unique blog.

    • marianney on 08 Apr 2011

      Jenny, that’s awesome you have a post there too! Did you find me through her or vice versa?

      Yep CR is happening baby! Well at least for the wedding/honeymoon. Can’t wait! But i can’t believe it’s still 7 months away! haha

      • Jenny @ exconsumer on 08 Apr 2011

        Marianne, I’m not sure who I found first — you or ATSS? It seems like a lifetime ago even though it’s only been a few months!

  2. Amy @ Nomadtopia on 08 Apr 2011

    WOW, you have been busy! Nice work. I’m also going to include more links to great stuff I’ve found around the web in my This Week in Nomadtopia posts. It’s so easy for things to get lost in the madness of Twitter, Facebook, etc., and this is a nice way to highlight them.

    • marianney on 08 Apr 2011

      Yes, i like how Jenny and Tammy were doing these and thought it was a good idea to share!

  3. Hi Marianne

    Thanks for giving me a mention in your post- you thought my e-book was great- that’s positively wonderful feedback.

    You’ve got some more incredible resources up there I’ll have to check out.

    Sounds like a very busy productive week to wrap up 🙂 Very good, I like your reflections on it.


    • marianney on 10 Apr 2011

      Thanks David! Definitely check out some of those other resources, good stuff!

  4. Patty on 09 Apr 2011

    I LOVE this weekly wrap-up, Marianne! What a great addition to your blog. The links you share are very worthy resources and it’s fun to get a glimpse into the inner workings of your life and mind. Thaks for sharing!

    • marianney on 10 Apr 2011

      Hi Patty, nice to see you here! 🙂

      I stole the idea from some other bloggers as mentioned previously so feel free to spread the love on your own blog!

  5. Benny on 23 Apr 2011

    So weird but yesterday I was thinking of doing something like this too. I hadn’t seen another blogger do it. Now today I find you through your comment on Think Traffic. Law of attraction? Hmm..maybe. 🙂

    It’s a nice way to stay accountable for the week right? Cause I’m sure when you write this you don’t want to sound like you didn’t do anything.

    How is the A list blogging? I’ve thought about it but wasn’t sure if I should join.

    Love what you’re doing here!

    • marianney on 28 Apr 2011

      Hi Benny, thanks for commenting! It does help me stay accountable, that’s for sure, except for when I’m taking breaks from blogging! 😉

      The A-list club has been great! There is a great community on there, I highly recommend it, if you are willing to put in the time and work.