In my previous post, Taking Action Update Feb 18, 2011, I wrote about how I wasn’t taking much action on my blog and my businesses in the last few weeks because I have been spending a lot of time (and having a great time!) getting to know other bloggers. It really is a small blogging world and it’s fun when you see the same people all over the place that โ€œknowโ€ other people you know. It’s just one big happy family! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well I thought that you might want to know about some of these great people in case you didn’t have enough to read. Without further ado, here is your next generation of A-list bloggers (in alphabetical order to be fair):

A Walk To Simplicity: Jody Elliott
Jody @ A walk To SimplicityI found Jody through a guest post at Elevated Simplicity and I love what he writes about: the simplicity of nature and incorporating more nature into your life. We all love the environment and how much simpler does it get than getting back to nature? Jody actually inspired this post today because just this week (I know! I’m a copycat!) he posted 5 Great Blogs to Read – Find Your Balance and he’s so sweet, he actually featured moi! But that’s not why I recommend his blog. Just read it and you’ll see why I like him.

Elevated Simplicity: Eric
Eric @ Elevated SimplicityI think I found Eric’s blog through some comments he made elsewhere (imagine that!) and I just love his blog. Not only is he a Denver-ite like me, he has a spunky style of writing that’s in-your-face. He seems like a really fun guy and one of these days, we’re going to go snowboarding together! Eric blogs about living simple, but he also writes about a topic not many people are willing to cover: depression and anxiety. Check out Elevated Simplicity, you won’t be disappointed.

Ex-Consumer: Jenny
Jenny @ Jenny is a new-comer on the minimal blog scene and she’s got a great blog already that’s really pleasing to the eye. No wonder, she’s a web designer! Like many of us, she’s working on reducing her debt and clutter, all while working full time and being a mom. Go give her some love on her new blog!

Ha Nui Loa: Gena & Jeff
Gena & Jeff @ HanuiloaI’ve had the pleasure to meet Gena and Jeff through Gip Plaster in the last month or so and I have thoroughly enjoyed their blog! For one, they blog from beautiful Hawaii and always post the most beautiful photos. And secondly, they are living their minimal life of freedom right now and they use their free time to discuss all aspects of love, joy, beauty and slowing down. What more could you want?

Minimalism Defined: Jenny Smythe
Jenny Smythe @ Minimalism defined I first met Jenny in the A-List Bloggers Club, but then met her again through Gena at Hanuiloa. Jenny is living the minimalist lifestyle as we speak. One day she started getting rid of stuff and it didn’t stop. She and her husband also got out of $40,000 worth of credit card debt! Wow! If that doesn’t get you to check out her blog, I don’t know what will!

Minimalist Packrat: Tanja Hoagland
Tanja @ Minimalist Packrat I can definitely relate to Tanja because I am a self-confessed packrat myself (and I just found out we’re the same age)! But Tanja is light-years ahead of me: she has managed to completely de-clutter her packrat existence and gone minimal. There is a lot to be learned at Tanja’s blog and when I have the time to start de-cluttering my own life, I am running to her site to buy her 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp e-book, which looks AWESOME! I just found out her husband Patrick blogs too at Vita Guy about eating organically, which is another one of my passions.

Nomadtopia: Amy
Amy @ NomadtopiaAmy has become a “friend” over the past few months after we met in the A-List Blogging Club trial-week. She is an ex-pat American living in Argentina about to get married. She just started a new blog that’s geared towards finding that balance between creating a home and also being on the move to discover the world. Since she’s been managing her freelance copy-editing career for several years now in several different cities, she’s got lots of insight for those wishing to become technomads.

SimplyBeingMum’s Blog: Jo Wright
Jo @ Simply Being MumYou probably already know Jo because I see her EVERYWHERE! But she’s still worth mentioning. I think she was one of my first commenters so I’ll always have a special place in my heart for her. I think she found my blog from one of my comments. (And EvBogue says no one clicks through to your site from your comments)! Jo blogs about living simply as a mother and wife. Her stories are entertaining and she always has these great tips that leave you thinking “Doh! Why didn’t I think of that??”

So Much More Life: Gip Plaster
Gip Plaster @ So Much More LifeI met Gip through Robert S. Wall and Gip is a guy who I am sensing likes to stir up the pot a bit. His posts are useful, informative and entertaining. He writes about simplifying your life in all sorts of ways, frugality, and the minimalist lifestyle.

The Unblogger: Marnie Doyle
Marnie @ The Unblogger Marnieโ€™s goal for her blog is mainly to please her. She doesnโ€™t want to be tied to her blog, she doesnโ€™t want to follow the rules. Nevertheless, she still attracts readers to her blog. For 2011, Marnie is following her 21-day Personal Challenge Series, where sheโ€™ll start a new challenge every 30 days. Some of her challenges are: going on a TV fast, going vegetarian, drinking more water. For the rest, youโ€™ll have to check out her blog.

Untitled Minimalism: Robert S. Wall
Robert @ Untitled Minimalism Robert found my blog somehow and made a comment on my How Not to Lose Your WordPress Data article. He’s really smart and had some really good information to share. When one of my other readers had a question on that post that I couldn’t answer, I asked Robert if he wouldn’t mind chipping in. Of course he didn’t hesitate, gotta love that guy! Robert is a self-described “internet jack-of-all-trades” and blogs about frugality, minimalism and simplicity.

Robert also provided A Life Set Free’s FIRST guest post this week. Check it out here: 6 Simple Steps to Maximize Your Subscriber Counts.

Looking back, it’s funny that all these bloggers have one thing in common: minimalism. Those that know me well know that I am not a minimalist, so why am I hanging out with all these minimalists? Well for one, I am working on it. Really I am! My life is just so cluttered in more ways than you can imagine and it takes time. You might not see it yet on the outside and some days I might not even feel like I’m getting anywhere, but I am.

Minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of your stuff. It’s a frame of mind too. It’s about being conscious about what you buy and consume, about what you put into and onto your body. It’s about being aware of how our consumerism and waste affects the planet and the other living beings we share it with. Itโ€™s about needing less, so you can work less, so you can spend more time living the life you were meant to live: one that is full of joy, self-expression, and time for the people who are important to you.

It’s about getting back to basics.

Who are your favorite bloggers? I’m sure I’ve missed tons of great ones and for that I sincerely apologize! Please share your thoughts below.


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  1. Jenny @ exconsumer on 18 Feb 2011

    Wow Marianne. Thank you so much!

    I can’t wait to check out all of the other bloggers you mentioned above. Some I’ve already met, but others I haven’t.

    Thanks again for this wonderful list and for your awesome blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jeff & Gena S on 19 Feb 2011

      Mahalo for already popping by! It’s so great to meet other awesome bloggers via Marianney ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for the mention! Pleasure to be listed among such a crowd of awesomeness. A few new folks for me, so it looks like I’ve got some reading to catch up on! I gotta tell you, that final paragraph is totally quote-worthy. I’m by no means a minimalist, but I am working in that direction. The mindset and conscious activity define our actions. Man, that last paragraph is perfect! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Amy on 18 Feb 2011

    Thanks for including me in the list, Marianne! I’m honored. One important detail – I’m a copy EDITOR, not copy writer.

    I don’t necessarily think of myself as a minimalist blogger, but I do consider myself a minimalist – or a once-minimalist who wants to be one again! – and that attitude is inevitably woven through everything I do and write about.

    I agree with Jody – that last paragraph sums it all up really well.

    Some of these folks are new to me, I will definitely be checking out their blogs.

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  5. marianney on 18 Feb 2011

    @Jenny, you are so welcome! Looks like you’ve been working hard on your blog, I’m glad to include you in this list!

    @Jody, thank you for the compliment! I’m glad you like it. How could I not include you. I never thought to classify nature and minimalism together until i read your blog and it makes perfect sense!

    @Amy. Doh! I changed your title, sorry about that! I don’t necessarily consider MYSELF a minimalist blogger either, but I think that the genre encompasses a whole lot more than just getting rid of your stuff. Loving your new blog!

  6. Jo@simplybeingmum on 18 Feb 2011

    Hi Marianne – Thank you for the mention hun!You are so right I am everywhere – and I keep bumping into you!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep up the good work! Have a great weekend – Jo
    p.s – It’s an honour to be mentioned in such exceptional company

  7. jenny smythe on 18 Feb 2011

    Marianne – you really made my day for including me in this list along with some great bloggers! What a great compliment!

    Thanks also for introducing me to some new sites to follow. This is a great synopsis of blogs to follow and why.

    Big Hugs to you from Chicago ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Some of my favourite minimalist blogs are on my Blogroll —

    I like the ones who are less extreme and thoughtful. Jenny is one of my favourites too!

  9. marianney on 18 Feb 2011

    @Jenny, right back atcha! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @The Everyday Minimalist, thank you for sharing your favorites! I love expanding this community!

  10. […] I was honored and humbled by being featured as one of A Life Set Free’s “11 Up & Coming Minimalist Bloggers You Should Know About.” If you see the other — much more talented — bloggers featured there, […]

  11. Patrick Ray on 18 Feb 2011

    Thanks for all the excellent information. I dig the minimalism thing. For me, it’s a matter of functionality; my brain works better when I have less mental clutter, so I meditate. My life works better when I have less stuff, so I minimize.

    Thanks to all the minimalists of the world for keeping it real. It’s not about the things you own, it’s about living life with meaning.

    I’m honored to be mentioned amongst such high quality folks. Thanks! May your hearts be full of laughter.

  12. Hey Marianney,

    You turned me on to 3 new bloggers in your list! I haven’t been over to Ex-Consumer, Nomadtopia, and Unblogger before. That’s what I love about round-up lists like this, you never know what gems you’re going to discover! Thanks for throwing me in your list. I’m honored! I’ve been working on a mega-project for a while that’s coming out on Monday. I’ve gathered up over 100 minimalist bloggers in a list. Whew! Maybe you’ll find some more folks to connect in it if you get a chance to check it out!

    About you saying you haven’t had enough time to work on your blog because you’ve been spending so much time connecting with folks lately. I’ve found that to be one of the BEST reasons for blogging. All those people out there are the fun part, and I think a lot of folks (unlike what Everett says) do look at comments and click those little links. I know I do!


  13. Marnie - The UnBlogger on 18 Feb 2011

    I was so surprised when I saw my name! Thanks so much, Marianney! I’ve never thought of myself as a minimalist, but I guess I do blog about some minimalist principles. Do you really think I blog for myself? Hmmm…

  14. Jeff & Gena S on 19 Feb 2011

    Being on island time I was still up working late when this post went live and was so surprised to see this great round up of blogs and us in the middle, my computer and your site wouldn’t see eye to eye apparently so I didn’t get to leave a comment then; I agree with Jody, as well, I was going to tell you that in spite of you not feeling like you’re much of a minimalist blogger that last paragraph rocked! I’m so looking forward to checking out all the other blogs and saying aloha to some wonderful bloggers.

    Mahalo & Hawaiian Hugs to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Eric on 19 Feb 2011

    You da woman Marianne- great round up of some awesome people and some I had no idea about!

    It feels like I’ve been in a cellar the last week studying networking (CCNA). You’re a big techy so you know what I’m talking about.

    I’m having nightmares about subnetting!

    And fo-sure we need to hit the hills soon, the mountain is calling!


  16. Thanks for the mention, Marianne. All my favorite name are on your list — and one or two I don’t regularly read.

    You obviously spent some time compiling this post and making it look good, and the generally lazy person in me appreciates that.


  17. marianney on 19 Feb 2011

    @ Patrick, I love this: my brain works better when I have less mental clutter, so I meditate. My life works better when I have less stuff, so I minimize.
    Great quote! Having meaning in our lives is so much more important than stuff, agreed!

    @Tanja, i can’t wait to see what you have going on on Monday! I love the whole networking, meeting new bloggers thing too, it’s really awesome.

    @ Marnie, I don’t think blogging “for yourself” is a bad thing. It means you are keeping it real. Isn’t that was “unblogging” is about? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    We’re all minimalists in some way btw ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Gena & Jeff, so glad you liked my description of minimalism! its been really awesome getting to know you!

    @Eric, I don’t think im as techy as you think, i’m not sure what subnetting is! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I hope you’re done with that, so you can return to blogging land again!

    @ Gip, my pleasure to include you! Haha, thanks for the compliment, you’re too funny.

  18. Hi Marrianne, thanks for sharing the list. I’m a minimalist too but I don’t blog about it. Anyway, it’s nice to interact with “birds with the same feathers” so I’m gonna check them out.

    • marianney on 08 Mar 2011

      You are so welcome! I love sharing this community with others.

  19. Tisha on 22 Feb 2011

    Hi Marianney!

    It’s been a while – I’ve been doing a lot of catching up with family stuff lately, which didn’t leave much time for online socializing. But I’m so glad to finally return for a visit – and to such a wonderful post that highlights some clearly great bloggers. I was familiar with a couple, but I will surely check out the others on the list. Since my online time is limited, I really appreciate resources like this which direct me to worthy reads!

    • marianney on 22 Feb 2011

      Hi Tisha, no worries at all! I’ve been very busy myself lately and may have to take a break from blogging for a bit just to get caught up. But it’s nice to “see” you again ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Robert Wall on 24 Feb 2011

    Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to comment on this the first time through! Must…work…on…mindfulness. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The neat thing about short lists like this is that it gives the reader more information, without giving them too much more information. A dozen bloggers can be checked out in half an hour – Tanja’s list, on the other hand, is going to take me a while. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for the mention!

    • marianney on 24 Feb 2011

      hey Robert! thanks for joining in! ๐Ÿ˜‰ jk
      i totally understand. i’ve had a hard time keeping up lately!

      yes, its true, a shorter list is easier to digest, but a longer list is definitely more inclusive and is a good resource to have and bookmark. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hi Marianney
    Nice to be here. Thanks so much for this great list. I have been reading and enjoying a lot of minimalist blogs lately so it is great to have some new ones to explore.

    • marianney on 08 Mar 2011

      You are welcome Thea! I’m glad to spread the word on great bloggers anytime! Thank you for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Danielle Cooper on 23 Jan 2012

    Just found your blog through another blog and I love it!! I am actually going through the transition of becoming a Minimalist. I’ve given our family of four a years goal to get there. I’m blogging about it as we go! Please feel free to check out our journey!!

    • marianney on 23 Jan 2012

      Thanks Danielle! I wish I had more time to post more often, but alas I’ve got a 5 week old that has been keeping me busy! I wish you great luck on your journey to minimalism. It is something we keep working on and struggle with a lot more now with a wee one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Teenage Minimalist on 12 May 2012

    What an awesome list!! Definitely going to subscribe to a couple of these, they look like great reads.

  24. This list is amazing! I’m looking forward to getting into a few new minimalist blogs. Minimalist Packrat has become a new favorite!